Scott L. Havsy, DO, JD, DAAPM
Certified in Pain Management
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General Overview 

When you are injured, the approach that Dr. Havsy takes is a simple plan individually designed to treat your pain.  But the underlying concepts are similar among patients in general. 

The most important consideration is to diagnose your medical problem as correctly as possible.  Though a detailed medical history can help diagnose close to 80% of a patient’s pain problems, often times, diagnostic tests such as nerves studies, blood tests, X-rays, MRI’s or CT Scans are often necessary to aid in your diagnosis. 

 In complex pain patients or in those individuals where the response to conservative, non-surgical treatment fails to provide the expected response, consultations with an appropriate specialist may be indicated.

 Dr. Havsy’s unique pain treatment protocol is as follows:


By following the PRFS protocol, most individual’s pain complaints can be greatly improved.

 Medical Treatment

An Overview

 Medical treatment is a broad term that encompasses non-invasive non-surgical treatment through invasive surgery and post operative pain control in those individuals where surgery fails.

 Since medicine is not an exact science, and individualized physician training and experience varies greatly, often times your diagnoses will vary greatly among doctors as will the type of medical treatment recommended. 

Noninvasive - Medication

Noninvasive - Manual Therapy

Noninvasive - Physical Therapy

Facet Block

Facet Neurotomy

Sympathetic Nerve Block

Selective Nerve Root Block


Epidural Spinal Injections

Invasive - Surgery

Post Surgical Management

Chronic Pain Managament


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