Scott L. Havsy, DO, JD, DAAPM
Certified in Pain Management




10/04/10 The Buff states: 

"While Dr. Havsy is not my primary care doctor, he saved my life.  During my regular pain-med appointment, I told him about the chest pain I was having. A few days before I went to my family doctor who took an EKG but never got back with me regarding the results.  Dr. Havsy sat and listened to my complaints and immediately suggested I see a cardiologist and lung doctor.  Within a week I had an emergency stint put in for a blocked heart vessel.  Three days later my primary care doctor's office called to tell me 'I needed to see a heart doctor.'  They were surprised to learn I already had a stint put in. The heart doctor said Dr. Havsy's insistence that I immediately see a cardiologist was the reason I am still alive today.  All Dr. Havsy did was listen to my problem, something my family doctor didn't have time for."

08/04/10 Merkava4 states: 

"I injured my low back about 2 years ago and had back surgery.  Still in pain my last doctor wrote me off and said I could go back to work in the construction field. I checked around and someone mentioned I go see Dr. Havsy as he is pro-patient and doesn’t let the insurance companies tell him what to do.  He spent over an hour with me on the first exam and explained to me so I understood what was going on. He agreed to take my L&I case.  He reviewed my records and noted problems with what I was capable of doing and what my last doctor just signed off on.  He spent to time to discuss these issues with my vocational counselor and send information to my claims manager.  He also sent me for additional treatment that helped my back pain though I know I will have to live with some pain.  I am now enrolled in a new training program and will graduate soon and can on with my life.  Dr. H is very thorough and tells it like it is. He is also a cool guy and you can talk to him about anything."

07/31/10 Broke Back writes:  

"It's kind of funny rating someone with an education and skill set that is completely out of my and most people's expertise. It's kind of like trying to rate an astronaut or an actor or any other professionals life long, earned occupation that I or most people outside of these fields, really know nothing about. I can give you a humble novice clients opinion though...Dr. Havsy's honest to a fault, but I was raised where that was a good thing. He's gives you his straight forward and honest professional opinions and genuinely cares about the outcome of his patients. He never over diagnoses with unnecessary procedures or too many medication options. If you want your hand held, he'll do that too, but he cant tell you the sky is green when he (and you) know it's blue. He's very professional, very ethical and guess what, HE'S FUN...The Living and Wellness Center is clean, well organized and appears to have been professionally decorated. Comfortable chairs and plenty of magazines all around."

07/30/10 Shilo says: 

"I met DR. HAVSY about A year ago, After going to Suboxone .com I had the unfortunate experience of meeting some drug dealers with DR. in front of there name. when I met DR. HAVSY I was A husk of A human being, hooked on OXIES and everything in-between, He cared enough not to play into my addict B.S and helped me to stop using 4 different narcotics. As A result my life has had A dramatic change for the better. I am 40+ lbs lighter and now have the tools needed to live A healthy and productive life. The man has A gift. thank you for my life back DR. HAVSY."

07/29/10 No Pain 4u states:

"It was recommended that I see Dr. Havsy because of a chronic neck problem. I was treated by my chiropractor. I got some improvement but after 6 months I still had the pain. After my exam he recommended I get an MRI of my neck and after he went over the results he had me go see Dr. Serra in Puyallup. I received a series of injections and my pain significantly improved. I have reduced my amount of pain meds I got from other doctors. I also read the review of those patients that feel they got ripped off. One was obviously a drug seeker and Dr. Havsy tells it like it is. The other patient went to see Dr. H because it sounds like the former doctor cut them off. I am sure that Dr. Havsy did a thorough eval. Just that that patient did not get her drugs. Dr. Havsy is very knowledgeable, up-front and doesn’t BS you." 

07/29/10 Dolly wrote: 

"I have been seeing Dr Havsy for 3 and a half years. He makes sure the patient is informed and has the new patient go through drug screening, does an initial exam, and has them checked by other professionals to make sure the person is not a drug abuser and that they truly needs the medication for an ongoing medical need. He also likes to have past MRI's, x-ray's etc and other MD's opinions on the patients health as well. He carefully sees the new patient once a week for the first few months, to make sure he is getting them on the correct dose, where they also fill out a daily record of what their pain level was etc. and doesn't take and shortcuts. He has always given me the impression that he honestly wants to help a chronic pain patient have a full and rich life.  I have also recommended Dr Havsy to several of my friends for help."

07/29/10 The Observer writes: 

"I have been a patient of Dr. Havsy on and off for several years. I read the two negative reviews and his responses. Dr. Havsy's office was smoked damage and it was messy. That is what you would expect. Some people are idiots and have nothing better to do then to be negative and complain. The person who felt they got short changed must have been high on drugs. Dr. Havsy sets aside 1 hour for each new patient, performs an in-depth history and an appropriate exam which does not take long because if the doctor listens, the diagnosis can usually be made. Dr. Havsy is not one of those doctors who dispenses narcotics like candy. ONE MUST ASK WHY THIS PERSON WAS SEEKING PAIN MEDS FROM DR. HAVSY. Because the last doctor they went to did not want to write for pain meds. Dr. Havsy is honest and ethical because he could have given the patient what they wanted. In his opinion that patient did not warrant pain meds. If you want a pain doctor who knows what he is doing, see Dr. Havsy!"

 06/19/10 Nick states: 

"Dr. Havsy is an expert in Chronic Pain Management. He requires the truth, a sense of humor, and for you to follow his directions accurately. If you can follow these directions he will help you. He has many years of experience including military. He is very good and will stand behind you. Very smart and also a good person. It is a busy office."

01/04/10 Gabbie says: 

"Dr. Havsy is a very professional and compassionate doctor, dedicated to solving the pain problems of each one of his patients. You should definitely go see him with any problems you may have, he will really help you out!"

12/06/09 Bob writes: 

"I highly recommend seeing this doctor. he is very professional and knowledgeable and will spend the time necessary so you go away with good information."



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